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The Institute of Pedagogics

Address: room 401, Kaluga, building 1, 22/48, Stepan Razin str., Kaluga


Telephone number: +7(4842) 50-30-04 (dean’s office, extension - 127)

The Head of the Institute is Karpechenko Alexandra Sergeevna 

The Institute of Pedagogics is one of the most stable, universal and perspective departments of Tsiolkovsky Kaluga State University.

The Institute of Pedagogics was established in 2012 on the basis of the faculty of primary education, which began its work in 1957.

The mission of the Institute of Pedagogics is organizational, pedagogical, scientific and methodological support for the development of higher professional education in the areas of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies related to the field of pedagogics.

The Institute is an organic combination of traditions and modern achievements of science. It occupies a leading position in the region in training highly qualified staff for the system of pre-school, primary, special, and supplementary education.

Currently, The Institute of Pedagogics trains bachelors in the following areas:

"Pedagogical education", profiles "Pedagogics and methodology of primary education", "Pedagogics and methodology of pre-school education", "Pedagogics and methodology of primary education and IT", "Pedagogics and methodology of primary education and Pedagogics and methodology of pre-school education", "Special education (defectology)", profile "Speech Therapy”;

Masters’ training in the field of "Pedagogical education", master's degree programmes "Innovative primary school", "Methodological support in pre-school education", "Supplementary Education of children", " Pedagogics of Spiritual, Mental and Moral Education”;

Post-graduate students’ training in the field of "General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education", "Theory and Methodology of Professional Education".

The Institute of Pedagogics has been announced a number of new master's degree programmes since the academic year of 2018/19f: they are the intramural master's degree programme "Pedagogical activity in higher and secondary professional educational organizations", extramural master's degree programme "Speech Therapy".

In the near future, the training of teachers of primary and high school is to be transferred to The Institute of Pedagogics.

The staff of The Institute of Pedagogics contains 5 doctors of Pedagogics, 20 associate professors, including Ph.Ds of Pedagogics, Psychology, Philology, and Biology.

There is a research and educational center "Innovations in Education", in the structure of the Institute of Pedagogics. It includes laboratories of "Early childhood", "Socialization and individualization of a growing person", "Pedagogical Expertise and Review", "Сenter for training counselors", "center for pre-school Development".