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Institute of Philology and Mass Media

Address: Voskresensky alley, 4, Kaluga


Telephone number: +7 (4842) 578-184, 575-407

The Dean of the faculty is Elizaveta Asmolova, Ph.D. in Philology

The Deputy Dean is Ekaterina Savina

Vk group: Faculty of Philology of KSU 

The Faculty of Philology is one of the oldest faculties of Kaluga State Unuversity named after K.E. Tsiolkovski. It originated in 1948, the year of the opening of the Kaluga Teacher Training Institute. The faculty is located in the historical part of the city– Voskresensky alley, 4, in the building of the former Non-classical Secondary School, where K.E. Tsiolkovski once taught and the famous writer of the Silver Age B.K. Zaitsev was educated.

Currently, scientists, doctors of philology pedagogics, professors, widely known in the scientific community work at the faculty. They are O.P. Yermakova, A.N. Yeremin, I.A. Kargashin, V.E. Iosifova, E.A. Balashova, E.I. Khachikyan, N.A. Isayeva. The quality of the faculty staff qualification is really high: 8 doctors of science and 12 Ph.Ds work there.

There are three departments at the faculty: the literature department is headed by doctor of pedagogics, prof. E.I. Khachikyan. The Russian Language department is headed by doctor of Philology, prof. A.N. Yeremin, and the department of Russian as a foreign language under the guidance of P.E. Toporkov, Ph.D. in Philology. There are two post-graduate study programmes at the departments actively training academic personnel in the field of the Russian language and Russian literature.

The faculty staff, currently headed by associate professor, Ph.D. in Philology E.V. Asmolova, puts a lot of effort into application of the latest scientific achievements in the field of Philology to the lectures and seminars, to search for new ways and methods of teaching students, to optimally solve the tasks that society is pushing towards while training language teachers, as well as journalists and advertisers.

Russian literature is a great asset of both national culture and world culture as a whole. The faculty pays important attention to participation in the state policy of Russia to support the Russian language abroad, to receive foreigners for education in Russian, to popularize Russian culture in the world educational space throughout the “great and mighty” Russian language.

The faculty leadership promotes youth involvement in the realization of international volunteer programmes to promote the Russian language and education in Russian “Ambassadors of the Russian language in the world”, “Russian word around the world” as part of the federal target program “the Russian language for 2016-2020”.

The faculty teaches foreigners the Russian language from scratch according to the “Supplementary educational programmes “Russian as a foreign language at the stage of pre-university training” and within one academic year prepares them for admission to bachelor, master and postgraduate programmes.

The faculty has created the “Center for Testing Foreign Citizens”, preparing foreign students for the Russian language Test and for a comprehensive exam in the Russian language, Russian History and the fundamentals of the Legislation of the Russian Federation.

The faculty actively cooperates with the Shandong Professional Foreign Languages Institute (PRC). There is a programme for the exchange of teachers and students, implemented internships for students of the faculty in the PRC.

Today the Faculty of Philology is a dynamically developing unit of the university. The main task is to prepare a highly qualified graduate professional to fit into the modern labor market of the Russian Federation and Kaluga region.

Graduates are in demand in the educational sphere and have the opportunity to get a job in their field. Many senior students combine their professional activities with studying.

In addition, the faculty graduates are in demand not only in the pedagogical field, but also in the city and regional administrations, in the media: newspapers, magazines on the radio and television. Graduates include famous writers, actors, script writers, journalists, and others.

The team of teachers and students of the Faculty of Philology is a truly creative team, which is capable of solving the important tasks, faced by the staff of the higher school of the Russian Federation.